How useful is CaptainVerify for email security ?

How useful is CaptainVerify for email security ?
Table of contents
  1. Massive and fast email verification
  2. Detection of recurring email problems
  3. Secure data to guarantee your confidentiality
  4. A service to check an email address for free
  5. A service to check all your mobile numbers
  6. Detailed statistics on your contact list

CaptainVerify, as a secure solution, plays a vital role in keeping emails and phone numbers secure. By allowing the verification and cleaning of your databases, this solution helps improve the deliverability of your emails and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Discover here the importance of this tool for strengthening the security of your electronic communications.

Massive and fast email verification

CaptainVerify offers a bulk email verification service, making the process quick and accessible. The user only has to import their email database from a CSV file, guaranteeing confidentiality via SSL encryption. For more information, Visit Website. The platform allows the import of files with up to one million lines.

Once the contact list is imported, the CaptainVerify algorithm analyzes and verifies each email, completing between 10 and 30 minutes for 1000 verifications. At the end of the email database cleaning process, the user has the option to download a file including all addresses, valid and invalid, or choose to download only a file with valid addresses.

This simplified and fast approach to email verification makes database management easy, giving users complete control over the quality of their contacts. With CaptainVerify, the email cleansing process becomes efficient, allowing businesses and marketing professionals to maintain reliable and relevant email lists.

Detection of recurring email problems

CaptainVerify, as a French solution, excels at detecting common problems associated with email addresses. Among its features, it identifies invalid addresses, those incorrectly entered or spelled incorrectly, duplicates, hardbounces, NPAI (Does not live at the specified address), as well as spam traps and lures ( honeypots). This comprehensive approach allows users to clean up their databases by eliminating all common errors and ensuring contact quality.

To perform this detection, CaptainVerify leverages advanced technologies such as MX (Mail Exchange), DNS (Domain Name System), and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to accurately determine the validity of each email address. This combination of technological methods guarantees in-depth analysis. This makes it possible to reliably distinguish valid addresses from problematic ones, thus contributing to the optimal management of email lists.

Secure data to guarantee your confidentiality

Data security is a top priority for CaptainVerify, ensuring complete privacy protection for its users. No emails are shared with third parties or generated for commercial purposes, ensuring that sensitive information is completely preserved. CaptainVerify takes rigorous measures to secure imported files and verification results, keeping them safe for a period of 90 days.

To further enhance user privacy, CaptainVerify automates the deletion of verification storage files and data after the 90-day period. This deletion applies equally to user accounts and CaptainVerify servers, thus ensuring transparency and responsible data management, aligned with the strictest standards of confidentiality.

A service to check an email address for free

CaptainVerify also offers a free tool called Mail Tester, allowing quick verification of an email address without requiring prior registration. This free service offers the possibility of checking the validity of an email address without recording any data, thus ensuring secure use and without compromising confidentiality. It is important to note that the tool allows the verification of only one email address per day.

VMail Tester stands out for its ease of use and no-cost access, offering a convenient solution for those who want to quickly validate an email address without having to engage in a registration process. The restriction of one check per day remains an appropriate measure for one-off use, offering users an effective and accessible alternative.

A service to check all your mobile numbers

CaptainVerify extends its functionality by offering a service dedicated to verifying cell phone numbers. This option allows you to confirm the availability of mobile numbers before initiating contact, thus providing a prior approach to optimize your communications. Please note that this service is limited to French mobile numbers in mainland France, and the import of a CSV file is possible with a maximum capacity of 100,000 lines.

The method of verifying the validity of telephone numbers is based on direct interaction with major operators such as Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free. CaptainVerify sends an HLR Lookup (Home Location Register) type request on the mobile network, guaranteeing precise and reliable verification of the validity of numbers, even in the case of portability. This technological approach strengthens user confidence by ensuring optimal data quality for their telephone interactions.

Detailed statistics on your contact list

The solution offers the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of your database by providing detailed statistics. This information includes classifying emails into categories such as valid, invalid, unknown, free, disposable, and risky. This diversity of data allows you to accurately assess the quality of your contact list, thus providing a detailed overview of the reliability of your database.

The detailed statistics provided by the solution constitute an essential tool for users wishing to optimize their communication by evaluating the quality of their contacts. Whether to identify valid addresses, eliminate potential risks, or improve list segmentation, this feature provides a clear and comprehensive view of the makeup of your database. Which also strengthens decision-making in terms of communication.

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